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Selfies: The Rebuttal

Quite the outburst there, Mario. Selfies seem to have you pretty agitated. I wonder that it’s just that you’re not photogenic enough for this revolutionary mode of chronicling each individual’s very important, worthwhile existence. God—a world without selfies? Where would we be? I don’t think you fully understand the favourable social impact this phenomenon has

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Bloody Sex: The Rebuttal

Mario is afraid of his own colour. With routine vulgarity—this one clearly written in a drunken stupor—he has produced an ill-advised diatribe suggesting we neglect (nay, outright ignore!) a regularly occurring biological event that only reflects on sex when it is not occurring. Congrats again, Mario: this—combined with your distaste for ugly waitresses and your

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Why restaurants should only hire good looking waitresses: The rebuttal

Surely Mario’s perverse approach to this has won him the hearts of all once and future “hotties” jockeying for a leg-up in this cutthroat business, which unfortunately perpetuates the same twisted ideologies as my brother. My argument here is, alas, theoretical: the state of today’s restaurant industry is indeed this retrograde, quasi-misogynistic wet-t-shirt-contest of my

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