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Selfies: The Rebuttal

Quite the outburst there, Mario. Selfies seem to have you pretty agitated. I wonder that it’s just that you’re not photogenic enough for this revolutionary mode of chronicling each individual’s very important, worthwhile existence. God—a world without selfies? Where would we be? I don’t think you fully understand the favourable social impact this phenomenon has

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Bloody Sex: The Rebuttal

Mario is afraid of his own colour. With routine vulgarity—this one clearly written in a drunken stupor—he has produced an ill-advised diatribe suggesting we neglect (nay, outright ignore!) a regularly occurring biological event that only reflects on sex when it is not occurring. Congrats again, Mario: this—combined with your distaste for ugly waitresses and your

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Michael Jordan or LeBron James: The Rebuttal

The numbers are in blah, blah, blah, and blah. LeBron is not just the flavour of the week, Mario. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot so fast. You’re guilty here of invoking the logical fallacy of “the Texas sharpshooter,” by which you cherry-picked pertinent data that corroborates your argument. Good for you. I could do

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