This is something that really bothers me. And yes I hope the guy in that selfie got his head bitten off. Do people not have friends anymore that can take a picture of them if needs be? They have to sit in front of bathroom mirrors and take shitty pictures of themselves and their dirty bathrooms?

Not every moment of peoples lives needs to be captured in a picture. If you are out enjoying a hike on a beautiful day by yourself I don’t understand why you feel the need to take a “pic” of yourself and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social media medium you use. Just enjoy the moment and save those memories for yourself. It’s like people are trying to constantly one up each other in their daily activities, no wonder people are so unhappy these days. Everywhere you go all you see is people looking at their phones. In some ways I wish we could go back to the start of cell phones where if you were using one it was because you were actually talking to someone.

And now Selfie-sticks. What the fuck. Go go gadget selfie arm. I want to start breaking those things. What happens if I “accidentally” bump your selfie stick and your phone drops and shatters on the ground. I will not be buying you a new phone. And yes I think you 100% deserve what just happened to you. Hopefully your phone caught that last second on digital media before it smashed so you can post about how some asshole ruined your selfie. I might “Like” that one on Facebook.

Taking pictures of food and posting that shit online is also about as lame as it gets. Congratulations I’m super happy for you that you can read a recipe and create a meal. Now you also need a pat on the back from all your Facebook “friends”, this is a joke. Number one that you think that even half these people are even actually your friends and number two that you actually think anyone gives a fuck you just ate prawn fettuccine alfredo for dinner unless you are dropping some of it by.

I think you get what I’m saying here. Enjoy the moments of your life people and stop trying to share a bunch of moments no one gives a fuck about.

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