Bloody Sex


This is one of these unsaid topics that just needs to be touched upon. With just the tip. Carefully. Whether or not to have sex when your girl is on her period….

I’m going with a solid no on this one.

This is a time of respect for your girl and the price her body takes, and you put her though. And a small praise to whoever is up there that you dodged another bullet.

This is a resting time for women. If you’re getting the job done it’s really just a few days break, relax Dick you’ll be back.

I am a big believer in sex. Here, there, and everywhere.  But when this time of the month rolls around things just get messy. Literally. It just turns into an awkward situation. White sheets, pride, expensive clothes, weird questions, and unfortunately, feelings. Ruined. I always want my girl to feel confident. I also want to feel confident going in as well. To me I guess it just seems unnatural and a little pushed. Now unfortunately woman like to get a little frisky around this time. This is where it gets tricky.

If you are not understanding or are offended by what I’m saying you should probably stop reading now.

Sex is a great measure of a relationship, although not the only one. When it’s on, it’s on. Everyone is smiling. When it’s off, it fucking sucks. You lose the jump in your step, and she loses that glow and smirk she usually has. That candid wink and a smile that you can both share and know exactly whats up. As a man you mentally can count 28 days (hopefully buds). Pick your days accordingly. This may seem a little harsh to some women but a man needs output and that’s just the way it is. Fellatio. Yeah I said it. There are moist options, use them. Relax just do it. Everyone is just taking a break. We will be back in biz in a few to five days.

I have zero fears of blood. I have seen enough of my own and others.

Mario has said enough, might catch some static for this one.


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