Michael Jordan or LeBron James


Well I definitely have to be on the Michael Jordan side of this argument. The guy is a class act. You cant mess with His Airness. This is a player that was so clutch he basically won six championships by himself. He revolutionized the game of basketball, taking the game from the ground to the air. MJ’s the reason LeBron is the player he is today.  MJ took basketball and made it mainstream and a fashion statement. A wise man once said “You gotta hit free throws to rock out in his clothes” no fakes allowed. LeBron looked up to the guy so much he even jacked his jersey digits.

Here it all is laid out by the numbers. Jordan vs Lebron stats

I’m not saying that Lebron won’t take down some of Jordan’s records but I’d be pretty surprised if the guy ever wins six championships.

Only Argument I Need

Jordan’s trump card is six NBA championships in six NBA Finals with six NBA Finals MVPs. Jordan never went to a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. Never had to. He’s too legit.

The shitty part about this is that these two athletes are from different times. Jordan played in the league when it was much more physical and competitive. LeBron plays in a league that shoots more three pointers than any time in the history of the NBA. The league is definitely a bit softer now. This debate I’m sure will go on for a while still. Then a new great player will show up and LeBron will be forgotten about and it will be another MJ vs The Next One battle.

Michael Jordan may not be as great of an athlete as LeBron, but he has something between his ears that LeBron will never have. Maybe because he went to university. Oh did I mention he hit a fairly clutch shot to win the Tar Heels a championship as well? You can check that out here NC Days

This highlight reel should be enough to shut this little debate down.  MJ Highlights

Anyways if LeBron ever wins six championships we can revisit this.


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  1. DaBulls Reply

    Well I have to agree, Michael Jordan is the best baller of all time but to say he won six championships on his own is absurd!! He was surrounded by All Star selections Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, BJ Armstrong not to forget about rebounding machine, defensive player of the year and sixth man award winner Dennis Rodman!! They had Steve Kerr shooting the lights out beyond the 3, John Paxon the token whiteboy along with 2 monsters over 7 feet tall with Bill Cartwright and Will Perdue. No doubt Jordan was and still is the man but when a quality team was built around Lebron in Miami he won 2 championships. Give me a 6’9″ 260 lb frame and I’d fuck shit up too!! I hit free throws and definitely rock MJ’s clothes!

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