What is a Man? The Rebuttal

Well brother you are not too far off the mark here. It kind of sounds like you may be writing for GQ magazine though, as this is exactly like something they would put out. The polished man who knows all.

A man needs to be able to adapt to the environment he is in and still succeed. If you are out in the bush you need to be able to build shelter and fire. If you are at a banquet you need to be able to hold your own in any conversation and make people laugh. I do not think there is any one definition for a man as we are all different and have varying abilities and priorities. Some of us are athletic, and others lean more towards the arts. Either way you are still a man.

Being a gentleman will never go out of style. It is appreciated by all woman, and respected by other men. I hear some men say that their girl doesn’t like flowers and that’s why they never buy them for her. To me this is a fairly weak excuse and most likely untrue on her part. It may even fall into the woman testing man category, just to see if he will think outside the box a bit. I am a firm believer in never buying flowers for a girl when you mess up and are trying to apologize. It seems you are associating something that is supposed to come from the heart and a thoughtful expression with something that is negative. I haven’t seen too many girls not crack a little smile at least when they receive flowers unexpectedly. This is just one example of being a gentleman but I think you get the idea. One of the biggest things about relationships is if you are in one act like it, and respect your girl, and if your single go ahead and act single, there is no shame in either. Shame only comes when you cheat on someone that loves you. That is not being a man.

I think as we travel through life our definition of what a man is constantly changes. As youth we look up to our fathers, athletes, movie stars, and the rich. Thinking that money and popularity make a man who he is. But at what age do boys become men? After high school? University? Marriage? Children? Travelling? A career? 30? 40? I guess who is to really say. Possibly the key is just to be happy with who you are and try to do right by the world and you will find your own.

In this day there is not as much need for the “Manly Man” that once ruled. We have too many machines and opinions that make this man almost a legend. To me this is kind of sad. I still love a good dirty joke, hearing stories of men out fishing, being in the wilderness, and even the occasional war story, but these are disappearing almost daily it seems. Again sad.

In closing I just want to make clear what being coward and not a man is. A coward abuses women. A coward abuses children. A coward takes advantage of people who cannot rightfully look out for themselves. Don’t be a coward, be a man.


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