Why restaurants should only hire good looking waitresses.


Now at first glance this may appear a tad bit terrible and a little shallow.

This is the truth over and over again.

I have literally left restaurants and bars due to lack of “talent”. I’m not saying that the uglies shouldn’t have jobs at restaurants. I’m just saying that they should not be working the front end, keep em in the kitchen. When my friends and I go out for a drink or a bite to eat it’s like Russian Roulette if you get an hottie or an ug. Right now in our current society I feel as though the odds are 1 in 3 that they are good looking. We can do better. I should also clarify that I am strictly talking waitresses here. I believe there is no room for male waiters in the industry, they should tend bar, manage, wash dishes or bus tables. It is in the restaurants own best interest to hire good looking women. I know for a fact that they get tipped better, simply because men don’t want to look cheap in front of a gorgeous woman. And lets be honest here men pay for about 75% of all restaurant and bar tabs. This is strictly a numbers game folks. If they do make a mistake people take it much more in stride if a beautiful woman comes up to you and apologizes rather than some slouch. Mistakes happen in restaurants all the time. We have all been there. This can save a restaurants reputation and future repeat business.

Now I understand that some managers do not understand this and go with the logic of “best suited for the position” but this line of thinking needs to change…for every bodies sake. We have moved sections in restaurants and bars strictly to get served by the good looking waitresses. Making the lesser attractive ones feel a little left out…I don’t feel that’s fair to them. Again poor management. Really the only downside that I have encountered with this theory is that sometimes the hotter they are the bitchier they can be, but this is just them not being good at their job and realizing the assets they bring to it.

Men are visual people. A lot of poor service and shitty food can just get swept under the table and forgot about with a smile from a pretty girl.

I do not want to come across as sexist here this is strictly referring to this industry. Some jobs it makes sense to hire women others men. This all comes down to customer service and satisfaction people. This is the model all restaurants should be looking at in future hiring practices.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. Cuz Dodd Reply

    I am not sure if I agree with this blog!!! Yes, if I want to go to a sports bar (Shark club, etc) I basically expect hotties with boobs hangin’ out, short skirts, ect. But…most times, I want to eat a good meal with good service, and I hate to say it, but men (male servers/waiters) are by far the better option. Yes, there is the exception; that there are some awesome female servers out there. But I think all in all, I end up having a much better experience with male servers.
    I will list my points as follows:

    1) In my experience, men tend to be a little more professional, and seem to generally have a better grasp of when to check up on a table, and when to leave a table alone!

    2) Male servers usually don’t flirt with the guests the same way most females servers do, which I have found to really bother most women I have brought!

    3)Like my last point, women servers tend to wear inappropriate clothing, which I would be seeking at hooters or shark club etc, but is pretty tasteless and tacky at a fine-dinning restaurant. That really ruins a nice place for me, as I might as well go eat a medium-rare hamburger in sniffers row at some seedy strip joint.

    In conclusion,
    The theme is the same, women in tight tacky clothing look good in the right place, but not in a nice restaurant while I am eating! As you have written above, men ARE visual creatures. It is much easier to simply keep them away from the dinner table so that I don’t get distracted, my lady friend doesn’t get upset, my bill doesn’t get screwed up, and the service tends to be of much higher caliber at the end of the day!!!

    Cuz Dodd

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